Whether you have a Dad, Father, Papa, Daddy, Old Man, Grandad, Grandpa etc or a friend or neighbour that fits the bill, Father’s Day is a time to show love, warmth, respect and appreciation.

A little history… for over 100 years, Father’s Day has been a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood. Celebrations first began in 1910 in the USA by Senora Smart Dodd whose father was a war veteran and a single parent of 6 children. Many countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, though celebrated widely on other days by many other countries.

A century or so on and with busy lives, it is all too easy to forget how much family and loved one’s do for us, often unconditionally. If you’re lucky enough to have a Dad who is a hero, reward him with a thoughtful gift!Blown Away Gift Set

Finding a gift to suprise him is the tricky bit, something perhaps a little unusual that will refuse to age!  Chocolates and beer are consumed quickly so opt for a Father’s Day Gift  that will be around a little longer.  A keepsake is likely to be welcomed and especially one that doubles up as a practical gift such as a Vintage Silver-Plated Spoon hand-stamped with “My Dad Is A SuperHero“.  He will feel like a million dollars!

Culinary Concepts Rugby Ball Bookends

Whether it be a hobby, or is passion for sport, you may wish to explore gifts with Football, Rugby, Golf, Gardening etc in mind.

Coulson Macleod Football Print


With a trend towards male self-care, men are no longer shy to admit their love of toiletries and beauty products…  and why not!  Whether it be for the Gym, Home or Vacation, an unusual Gents Wash Bag that is practical and stylish is sure to impress!

Staggeringly Handsome Gents Wash Bag

Finally, don’t forget the all important Greetings Card with a few added words inside, all part of the joyful experience of his special day!

Dad You're The Best Greetings Card